Custom Ornament Guidelines

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To produce your custom ornament, all we need is your artwork. (an original painting or sketch, a photograph, logo, etc.). We can accept artwork in its original format or digitally on compact disc.


How to Submit Your Images?

All artwork should be designed at the same size or no more than 2” larger than it will be printed (refer to Ornament Specifications). Be sure you approve of the color, exposure and sharpness of image(s) before you send them in. We do not usually create artwork in house - we ask that you send in a final design layout. Keep in mind if you give us a dull, blurry design, you will get a dull, blurry design. We will do our best to give you the best possible reproduction.


If you need assistance in design, please contact us. Please note design fee may apply.


Please furnish artwork in the following formats:


1. Digitally.

We can accept artwork digitally through email or CD.

File must be a minimum of 300 dpi - higher resolutions will be accepted.

Please send original file in RGB format - we will convert it to CMYK in house.

Only Hi-Res TIFF (no compression), PSD or EPS files will be accepted.

If EPS files are submitted, all fonts must be converted to outlines.


2. Original Artwork

This should be on a low texture, high quality white matte board.

If you are aware of problems with the design (may need cropping, low resolution, out of focus, etc.) that you do not wish to be corrected, please inform us in writing when you provide the artwork.

DO NOT write on your artwork, tape, staple or paper clip them. Tape lines create shadows when scanning and can cause damage to your images if we try to remove the tape. If you feel you need to indicate something on your images simply photocopy them and write on the photocopies.


If you send in artwork that has been printed on an offset press, please be aware it will have a moiré pattern or may come out blurry when printed. Please do not expect the quality of the original print.


We will reproduce the color from your design as closely as possible, but cannot guarantee to match exactly due to limitations in the printing process.


Original artwork and/or computer disks will be returned upon written request. If you have any questions concerning submitting your artwork, please call J.P. Herring at 1-800-CHRISTMAS (247-4786).


IN SUMMARY: Please check your image for...

  • Bad Exposure
  • Color casts - blue and green are very common
  • Bad Lighting
  • Out of focus
  • Minimum 300 dpi
  • Correct file format