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Print Options 

Pad Print

Images of 1 to 5 colors or 4-color process can be printed on one or both sides of the ornament.  Glitter or foil highlights can also be added to the image. Ornament size and certain design parameters determine the maximum size of the print.

One Color Screen Print

The design wraps around the circumference of the ornament and is printed in a single color of ink or glitter.

Two Color Screen Print

In this process, a second color of ink or glitter is printed to create a two color design. Because of shape inconsistencies in the glass, print alignment is dependent upon the design.



All ornaments are packaged in our unique Gold Accent box. All sides of the ornament are visible in this package, and it makes a great gift and storage box.
Ornaments are also available in Bulk Pack.  If you prefer the item be shipped in Bulk without the box, please let us know.