How To Order Custom Ornaments

Step 1: Pick your ornament base color and cap color

Depending on the style of ornament you select, we have up to 31 different colors of ornaments available and 2 colors of cap. Select the color that is best for you. A sample picture of each color available will be included with each style.

Step 2: Select your quantity and options

Select the number of ornaments that you want. If you need a different amount from the options shown, give us a call and we will help you out.

After you select the number of ornaments you need, we need to know details about how you want the ornament to look. The first option is the amount of colors in your artwork. We have the ability to produce ornaments with up to 5 different colors. A 1 color print is included in the price. Additional colors can be added for a fee. 

The second option is the back print. Do you want an image on the back and how many colors will that image be. We can print a maximum of 2 colors on the back.

Some of our ornaments allow glitter highlights to be added. Please chose the color of the glitter you want and then describe where you want that glitter to be. 

The last option we have is adding a ribbon bow to each ornament. This bow will be glued onto the cap and is available in a variety of colors.

Step 3: Upload your artwork

We need artwork for you front imag

Step 4: Add to cart and checkout

One you have the artwork uploaded and configured the way you want, it is time to add the item to the cart and checkout. Once you select the "ADD TO CART" button, an upload icon will show while the item and your artwork will be added to the shopping cart. Depending on the size of your artwork, this can take a couple minutes. If you click the "ADD TO CART" button and nothing happens, review your selections and ensure all the required fields are selected correctly. 

Once you item is showing correctly in the shopping cart. review that the item information is correct and select "CHECKOUT". When buying a custom ornament, we recommend only doing one ornament design per order. 

Once you successfully complete the order, you will receive an immediate confirmation of your order. 

Step 5: Digital proof approval

After you submit your order, a digital proof will be sent to you in one business day. Review the approval and make sure it shows the ornament you want. Only after we receive your approval will we start production.

will be sent to you within one business day for approval. Once approval is received, production will start and we will ship your order to you within five to ten days.