8" (200mm) Reflector Onion Shatterproof Large Christmas Ornaments

  • Gold reflector Large Christmas ornament
  • Gold reflector Large Christmas ornament
  • Green reflector Large Christmas ornament
  • Silver reflector Large Christmas ornament
  • Red reflector Large Christmas ornament
  • Blue reflector Large Christmas ornament
  • Reflector onion large Christmas ornament decorating a bush
  • Reflector onion Large Christmas ornaments hanging form the bottom of a large garland
  • Large Christmas ornaments in a grid with a stamp that reads UV-protection
  • Large Christmas ornament with the threaded cap off showing the threads

8" (200mm) Reflector Onion Shatterproof Large Christmas Ornaments

  • Fade Resistant- UV coated finish will ensure that your large Christmas ornaments will stay beautiful throughout the season.
  • Commercial Grade- Threaded cap and durable plastic material is perfect for any size decorating job from a single tree to a full park.
  • Child and Pet Friendly- Shatterproof large Christmas ornaments are perfect in areas that are accessible to children and pets.

Make your outside living space as festive as the inside with these beautifully vibrant large outdoor Christmas ornaments. Made from durable commercial grade shatterproof material in 5 colors to give you a look that will set your holiday decor off right. Our large outdoor Christmas ornaments feature a UV-resistant coating that will allow them to shine brightly throughout the holiday season and a secure threaded cap that will insure they stay in place where they are intended to stay..


    Indoor and Outdoor Use- UV-resistant paint allow colors to shine brightly and vividly, indoors and outdoors.


    Screw on Cap- Unique screw on caps will ensure the Christmas ornaments will stay where they are intended, including outdoor locations.


    Pet/Child Friendly- Commercial grade shatterproof plastic Christmas ornaments are ideal for decor in areas accessible to children and pets.