Artwork Preferences

If possible, we prefer high resolution 300 DPI art files in JPEG, AI, EPS, PNG, PDF, TIFF, or PSD format.  These formats are easy to adjust and will yield the highest quality prints.   If these files are not available, we can accept lower resolution art files and possibly have them converted for you.  Please note that lower level art quality may lead to longer production lead times.  

If you do not have artwork at all, we can assist you with our large volume of in house stock art.  Just let us know the design you are looking to achieve and we’ll work up a rendition.  We will likely need at least 48 hours to provide a rendition, depending on the level of design work required.

Not sure about the quality of your art? Just email it to us at and our art team will be happy to review and provide a recommendation.

If you have any other questions, please call us at (972) 483-0307.