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Love it

Love my new ornament! I've collected Masters on Silk for over 30 years!

Beautiful !

These ornaments are so beautiful. They are my favorite ! I now have them in three colors.

better than goggles

I use these when I am cutting grass or using the weed trimmer to keep debris out of my eyes. I cannot wear goggles over my glasses but these face shields provide good clear coverage and keep the debris out.

Scratched up

I was amazed how much they were scratched up !!! I do paint on them so I was able to hide the scratches .

very satisfied

I give my mother one of these ornaments for Christmas each year. She loves the ornament and so do I

Scene very blurry.

I was not impressed with the scene clarity. It was blurry and not what I am used to getting when ordering these ornaments.

Absolutely beautiful!

Our VFW Auxiliary had purchased a Krebs ornament for each of the 5 military branches to hang on our Post Christmas Tree. When I was taking the tree down, I accidently dropped the Army ornament. I was just sick about it. I wanted to replace it, but the place (Walmart) we had purchased them, were sold out. I was ecstatic when I found it online! The ornament is of good quality for a great price.


These coasters are heavy duty and beautiful. I bought for myself, but would be proud to give them a a gift.

Santa on Silk with personalized custom date

Beautiful as my other Santa on Silk collection. Was just surprised it did not have the Circa date on it as my other ones do. It did have the personalized custom date on the back as the description implied but I thought it was suppose to have on the santa print the date that santa came out.

What’s old is new

I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. After many years, I decorated. I had a tough time finding glass ornaments. However, while cleaning my garage I found a box of Krebs ornaments I’d purchased over 30 years ago. I recalled when I bought them back then how beautiful and vibrant the colors were. I kept the blue ornaments because they survived years of storage but donated the rest.

I had 5 small trees because I kept finding ornaments that I purchased years past. I could have used those ornaments I gave away. I figured I would just go to the store or the internet to get more but the quality was lacking. The shatterproof ornaments I bought looked cheap.

After the holiday I was was packing everything away. As I repackaged my old blue glass ornaments, I saw the name, Krebs. I wondered if the company was still in business after all these years. To my surprise, they were. I ordered a couple of boxes to see if I was getting what I loved so much 30 years ago. They were delivered quickly, the colors are still gorgeous and the quality is still the best. I’m so glad because nothing compared. Thanks for being around after all these years. I’ll be buying well before the holiday season and won’t be foolish enough to give them away.


These bulbs are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much! They came quickly; they were well-wrapped; not one was broken. The quality is fabulous, and I couldn't be more delighted.

Great ornaments

I love the large ornaments we put them on trees and just fun for the Christmas season.I had a few problems with my orders and Dean from Krebs was great took care of everything.Thanks Much

Great ornament, purchased to celebrate grandson's graduation from Air Force Basic Training.

Krebs road glass ornaments are wonderful

So happy with these glass ball ornaments. Plain glass ornaments in beautiful Christmas colors have been a challenge for me to find lately. And when I did find them, they were outrageously expensive. These ornaments are beautiful, came expertly packed with bubble wrap so no broken bulbs, were very reasonable priced (even after the price increase in 2021), and wait for it.... aren't they made in America? Even better.....the company makes faceshields doing their part to help us fight Covid. Everyone needs to buying Krebs ornaments to support this company. I will definitely be ordering more.

These are the classic blown globes at a very reasonable price.

Forget unbreakable plastic globes. They will never have the lasting gorgeous looks of blown glass. Yes they are more fragile but also not so terribly expensive that you cannot afford a few broken ones over the years. Pack them in a proper cardboard ornament chest and they will greet you next year as beautifully as the first year. I always break at least one every year decorating the tree but that is what happens to glass and the loss is well worth the occasional replacement. The Krebs colors are just so very exquisite.


These ornaments are beautiful, a simple nativity scene done in gold and glitter set against a soft opaque background. When the light on the tree shines behind it the nativity scene becomes clearly visible making it seem almost alive. These are so beautiful I had to buy more.

Collection Complete

I finally found the last 4 dated Santa on Silk ornaments to complete my deceased mother's 31 year collection and it absolutely made my year!! I couldn't be happier with these ornaments and the quality of them. Thank you for being able to provide what I needed to finish this collection and honor my mom!

Beautiful color

I’m very happy with the quality and the smooth even matte color. They also shipped quickly and arrived well packaged.

not received as of yet

I have not received my order so cannot rate it a this time.

Merry Christmas

Always good service. Package arrived on time. Ornaments are beautiful. Whenever I shop Krebs I know it's going to be good. Thank you.

6 Pack - 2 5/8" (67mm) Made in the U.S.A Designer Sparkle and Spangle Glass Ornaments
Sandra Middleton
Beautiful and Made in USA

They are made in USA. The Christmas Balls arrived in perfect condition and are gorgeous. I have the Velvet Red, Gold, and Blue and the Sparkle White and plan on ordering at least one more set. It takes a little work getting them out of the packaging but the way they are package definitely protects them in shipping. I really like being able to order directly from Krebs.