How To Donate Disposable Safety Plastic Face Shields

We certainly encourage people to donate plastic face shields to those organizations in need. Please follow the steps below and thank you for your generosity!

  1. Decide where to donate.

    Below are some resources to decide where to send your donation.

    IMPORTANT: Please follow the instructions from the donation facilitators closely! Make sure your specified donation location is in need of "face shields" and verify that all shipping information for the donation site is correct. In many cases, locations have specified instructions for where to deliver and whose attention to deliver to. Additionally, many locations require notification of incoming shipments.

  2. Choose which type of face shield to send.

    Some organizations require specific types of face shields, so make sure you check with them before sending. You can browse our selection of safety face shields here.

  3. Choose how many face shields to send.

    Again, refer to guidance from the donation facilitators website and specific donation locations to determine the amount of face shields to send. We sell face shields by the case (48 piece increments) only.

  4. We'll ship directly to the donation site for you.

    Once you've confirmed a donation location, make note of the complete shipping address including company or organization name and whose attention or "care of" the shipment should be addressed to. Purchase what you need and we'll take care of the rest.

Visit our Personal Protective Equipment - Face Shields page to order and donate now!